Writes a PICTURE formatted value to the current device.


      DevOutPict( <expression>, <cPicture> [,<cColor>] ) --> NIL


<expression> : Any valid expression to write to the device assigned by SET DEVICE command

<cPicture> : A valid PICTURE format string.

<cColor> : A valid color codes string for value to write. Default is current color setting


DevOutPict() always returns NIL


DevOutPict() is a console function that outputs the value of an expression to the screen or the printer with defined PICTURE and color. Output device depens on current device.


      DevOutPict( CUST->DEBIT, "99,999.99" )


@…SAY, Col(), DevOut(), DevPos(), QOut() | QQOut(), Row(), SET DEVICE, SetPos(), Transform()

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