Moves the cursor or printhead to a row and column coordinate


      DevPos( <nRow>, <nCol> ) --> NIL


@ <nRow>, <nCol> : Coordinates for write; screen of printer depending to SET DEVICE setting.


DevPos() returns always NIL.


<nRow>, <nCol> are row and column coordinates and positions the screen cursor or printhead accordingly. Coordinates begin at point 0, 0 which is the upper left corner of the screen, or paper.

IF DEVICE SETted to SCREEN, DevPos() moves the screen cursor to the specified coordinates and updates Row() and Col().

IF DEVICE SETted to PRINTER, DevPos() moves the printhead to the new row and column coordinate and updates PRow() and PCol().


SetPrc() adjust the internal counters of PRow() and PCol().

When printer output is redirected to a file by SET PRINTER TO command, DevPos() output is recorded in that file.


@…SAY, Col(), DevOut(), PCol(), PRow(), QOut() | QQOut(), ROW(), SET DEVICE, SetPos(), SetPrc()

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