Displays a box on the screen.


      DispBox( <nTop>, <nLeft>, <nBottom>, <nRight>, ;
             [<cnBoxString>] , [<cColor>] ) --> NIL


<nTop> and <nLeft> : screen coordinates for the upper left corner of the DispBox()output

<nBottom> and <nRight> : screen coordinates for the lower right corner of the DispBox()output

<cnBoxString> : The appearance of the box to display can either be specified as numeric 1 (single line box), numeric 2 (double line box), or as a character string holding up to nine characters. The first eight characters define the border of the box while the ninth character is used to fill the box. #define constants to be used for <cnBoxString> are available in the BOX.CH #include file.

Pre-defined box strings for DispBox()

         Constant        Description
         --------------- ----------------------------------------
         B_SINGLE        Single-line box
         B_DOUBLE        Double-line box
         B_SINGLE_DOUBLE Single-line top, double-line sides
         B_DOUBLE_SINGLE Double-line top, single-line sides

If no <cnBoxString> is specified, a single-line box is drawn. <cColor> : SetColor() compliant color string; default is the standard color of SetColor().


DispBox() returns always NIL.


The function DispBox() displays a box on the screen as specified with <cnBoxString>, using the standard color of SetColor() or <cColor>, if specified.

If a character string is used for <cnBoxString>, the first eight characters define the border of the box in clockwise direction, beginning with the upper left corner. An optional ninth character fills the area inside the box. Alternatively, a single character can be passed which is used to draw the entire box border. When the box is completely drawn, the cursor is positioned at the coordinates <nTop>+1 and <nLeft>+1, so that a subsequent DispOut() call starts displaying in the upper left corner of the box area.


      // The example demonstrates how characters are used to draw a box.
      // Alphabetic characters define <cnBoxString> instead of characters
      // holding graphic signs.

      #include "Box.ch"

      PROCEDURE Main
         DispBox( 10,10,20,50, "AbCdEfGhi", "W+/R" )


         DispBox( 10,10,20,50, B_DOUBLE + Space(1) )
         DispOut( "Using #define constant" )

         @ MaxRow(),0


@…BOX, @…CLEAR, @…TO, Scroll(), SetColor()

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