Contributed articles

Contributed articles on Harbour &   HMG

(  In order  of  publishing  date  )

Roberto Lopez  (Builder of HMG and HMG-IDE; Buenos Aires, Argentina )

What is HMG ?

Sri Rathinagiri (Builder and  Administrator of HMG Forum;  Sivakasi, India)

How I have joined HMG Family – A Story
An explanation about Harbour, HMG and HMG-IDE

Raumi  ( Senior member of HMG-Forum; Lünen, Germany )

From CA-Clipper to Windows in 5 Minutes
Postgresql as a backend for HMG

Danny Del Pilar ( Senior member of HMG-Forum; Manila, Philippines )

My HMG Learning Experience

Agil Abdullah Batati  (Programmer Never Surrender; Jakarta / Indonesia  )

The Easy Way To Study Programming In Harbour And HMG —  Part I

About HMG Contributions

HMG has many worldwide users and most of users supports HMG by their own works.

Most of these studies are contributions.

HMG grows up mainly by efforts of HMG developers.

Contributions too have important additive effect on this grow.

Most important contributions are codes. Some of contributed code samples for HMG is here. Definetly this isn’t all; only those I borrowed ( not selected ).

Second class of contribution is articles, like previously published articles on Clipper and Harbour,.

I’m waiting your suggestions and contributions.

Contributed code samples for HMG.

Contributed articles on Harbour and HMG

Happy HMG’ing 😀