Contributed articles

Contributed articles on Harbour &   HMG

(  In order  of  publishing  date  )

Roberto Lopez  (Builder of HMG and HMG-IDE; Buenos Aires, Argentina )

What is HMG ?

Sri Rathinagiri (Builder and  Administrator of HMG Forum;  Sivakasi, India)

How I have joined HMG Family – A Story
An explanation about Harbour, HMG and HMG-IDE

Raumi  ( Senior member of HMG-Forum; Lünen, Germany )

From CA-Clipper to Windows in 5 Minutes
Postgresql as a backend for HMG

Danny Del Pilar ( Senior member of HMG-Forum; Manila, Philippines )

My HMG Learning Experience

Agil Abdullah Batati  (Programmer Never Surrender; Jakarta / Indonesia  )

The Easy Way To Study Programming In Harbour And HMG —  Part I


5 responses to “Contributed articles

  1. I use Harbour and find it an excellent work. Thank you.
    Now I am trying to begin with HMG-IDE but when launching “IDE” and opening a Project, say IdeBrowse, I get this message: Invalid Project Name/Path (Spaces and Special Characters not allowed). Any help ?

  2. You are welcome

    COPY and LOCATE commands exist and work fine. If you send me a “not working” sample I’ll work help to you.

    NetUse() isn’t system function, but UDF ( User defined function). See your installed files. If you can’t find, I’ll send you.

    Happy HMG’ing 😀

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