How I can use USB printer

Q: How I can use USB like modern printers within my DOS based applications ?

A: Easiest way for this is dosprint. Most of xBase programmers uses this method: there is a program name dosprint or dosprn.

Download this prg, run before your program and that is all, no modification required on your programs.

This program intercept data sent to printer by your program, convert it to required format and send to USB or anything else modern printers.

Ask Google, select one ( some are free, some aren’t ), download and use.


How I can protect my tables

Q: How I can protect my tables ( .dbf files ) against to open with any other Program (like Excel, access) ?

A: There is too many method to solve this problem. Sadly non of its has warranty, always there is a solution to open any file by experienced users. You can ask Google.

Against non experienced users one method will be changing file extensions ( .dbf ). In this case you need modify your programs to change “file name” ( open dbf ) parameter  in USE statements (USE commands or DBUSEAREA() functions).