HMG 3.4.0 Patch-1 Published


– HMG_GetCompileVersion32 y HMG_GetCompileVersion64: improve theses function for detect version of HMG compiler prior to HMG.3.4.0

– New function:
– BT_DRAWEDGE (hDC, nRow, nCol, nWidth, nHeight, nEdge, nGrfFlags)
– the values of parameters nEdge and nGrfFlags, are defined in INCLUDE\ (line 82 and 98)

– Now Form.Grid.CELL() is more fast because use the same code of Form.Grid.CellEx(), both now present the same velocity, CellEx is mateined only for compatibility

– DisableProcessWindowsGhosting()

– HMG_CallDLL ( cLibName , [ nRetType ] , cFuncName , Arg1 , … , ArgN ) —> xRetValue
Note: HMG_CallDLL() detects the current code page and appropriately called the ANSI or Unicode version of the function.

– New Methods
– ThisWindow|<FormName>.CenterDesktop
– ThisWindow|<FormName>.CenterIn ( FormName2 )

– CENTER WINDOW <FormName> IN <FormName2>

– Fixed minor bug in GetProperty() when used with Grid control.
– Fixed minor bug when cancel save file in Print Preview.
– Fixed bug when change position or resize Panel Window (reported by Nascimento)
– Fixed bug when change font at run time in Label control with Transparent property
– Enhanced InputWindow() function, see doc
– Enhanced documentation







Portable ( Changed folders) 

HMG 3.0.35 Released

File Name: HMG.3.0.35.exe
File Size: 25.32 MB
Date: 20. June 2010

– HMG 3.0.35 Changelog:

– Fixed: Multiselect listbox problems setting value property. Fixed by Grigory Filatov.

– Fixed: Tab control: setting row and col properties when the tab has a child panel window.

– Fixed: Conflict between Harbour and hmg charxor functions. Fixed by Esgici.

– Fixed: Problem with ‘Visible’ property. Previous version forced message processing creating problems in some rare situations.

– Fixed: Problem in IDE closing object inspector or project manager with alt+F4.