HMG 3.4.1 Released

File Name: HMG.3.4.1.exe

File Size: 83 MB

Date: 25.07.2015

Change Log – HMG 3.4.1 2015/07/06

Updated to latest Harbour Nightly Build (2015-07-05)
New function:

BT_DRAWEDGE (hDC, nRow, nCol, nWidth, nHeight, nEdge, nGrfFlags)
the values of parameters nEdge and nGrfFlags, are defined in INCLUDE\ (line 82 and 98)

HMG_GetCompileVersion32 and HMG_GetCompileVersion64: improved theses functions to detect versions of HMG compilers prior to HMG.3.4.0
Now Form.Grid.CELL() is more fast because of the use of the same code of Form.Grid.CellEx(), both now present with the same velocity, CellEx is maintained only for compatibility
New DisableProcessWindowsGhosting()
HMG_CallDLL ( cLibName , [ nRetType ] , cFuncName , Arg1 , … , ArgN ) —> xRetValue Note: HMG_CallDLL() detects the current code page and appropriately call the ANSI or Unicode version of the function.
HMG_GetHBSymbols() –> return array { { cSymName1, cSymType1 } , { cSymName2, cSymType2 }, … }
HMG_GetDLLFunctions( cDllName ) –> return array { cFuncName1, cFuncName2, … }
GetEventCodeBlockInfo () –> array { hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam, nIndex }
SetSubClassEvent ( hWnd, CodeBlock [, nMsg | aMsg ] ) –> nIndex
RemoveSubClassEvent ( nIndex ) –> lBoolean

New Methods:

ThisWindow|<FormName>.CenterIn ( FormName2 )
CENTER WINDOW <FormName> IN <FormName2>

Fixed minor bug in GetProperty() when used with Grid control.
Fixed minor bug when cancel save file in Print Preview.
Fixed bug when change position or resize Panel Window (reported by Nascimento)
Fixed bug when change font at runtime in Label control with Transparent property (Contribute by Giancarlo)

Go HMG Forum to read announce.

Download install package from HMG Forum 

Download portable ( Patch 1 to 6 applied )


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