HMG 3.4.2 Released

File Name: HMG.3.4.2.Setup.exe

File Size: 82 MB

Date: 22.09.2015

Change log:

-HMG 3.4.2 2015/09/22

– Updated to latest Harbour Nightly Build (2015-09-04)
– New HMG DEBUGGER: native GUI debugger for HMG (see doc)
– New function: HMG_PrintGetJobInfo() (see START PRINTDOC doc)
– New function: HMG_PrinterGetStatus() (contrib by BPD2000)
– Now SplitChild Window support OnPaint event.
– New button in IDE for fast access to compile in debug mode (IDE 1.0.9)
– New function HBtoWinDateFormat() for fixed bug in get date format of MonthCal/DatePick controls
– IsControlDefined, IsWindowDefine and IsWindowActive functions, accept parameters FormName/ControlName with/without quotation marks
– Fixed bug in CreateEvent (reported by Roberto Lopez)
– Fixed bug in This.QueryData of Grid control (reported by Roberto Lopez)
– Fixed bug in BackColor of InputWindow (reported by Roberto Lopez)
– Fixed bug in Print Preview (reported by Roberto Lopez)
– Fixed bug in get Cell value of the Grid control (reported by Marek)
– Fixed bug in default color of HeaderDYNAMICBACKCOLOR of the Grid control (reported by Rathinagiri)
– Fixed bug in DYNAMICFONT and ONCHECKBOXCLICKED of Grid control in header file (contrib by Rathinagiri)
– Fixed memory leak in the functions: EnumWindows, SetSubClassEvent and EnumProcessesID (contrib by Grigory Filatov)
– Fixed Row position in PDF (Contributed by Marek)
Go HMG Forum to read announce.

Read announce from HMG Forum

Download install package from HMG Forum

Download latest patch from HMG Forum

Download alternative full package ( Patch 3 (included patchs 1 & 2) applied ).

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