Internationalization (sometimes shortened to “I18N , meaning “I – eighteen letters -N”) is the process of planning and implementing products and services so that they can easily be adapted to specific local languages and cultures, a process called localization . The internationalization process is sometimes called translation or localization enablement .

Harbour i18n .pot/.hbl file manager 3.2.0dev (Rev. 18770)

Copyright (c) 2009-2013, Przemyslaw Czerpak


Syntax: hbi18n -m | -g | -a [-o<outfile>] [-e] [-q] <files1[.pot] ...>

    -m          merge given .pot files

    -g          generate .hbl file from given .pot files

    -a          add automatic translations to 1-st .pot file using

                translations from other .pot or .hbl files

    -o<outfile> output file name

                default is first .pot file name with

                .po (merge) or .hbl extension

    -e          do not strip empty translation rules from .hbl files

    -q          quiet mode

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