Who is admin ?


Welcome !

Admin, owner, builder and only editor of this blog is me : Bicahi Esgici; simply a data processing worker and a Clipper programming language student.

This blog is dedicated to people who know the meaning of sharing.

I haven’t any intention to explain ALL about Clipper.

Anyway this is impossible; because I don’t ( and can’t ) know everything about it because  this is an extremely large area.

My goal is demonstrate as possible as short way to people and especially to the beginners. The way I am working to draw may be the way that I know at last.

This blog is nothing than compilation some notes from journey log on the route of learning Clipper Language.

Almost everything you will find here is classic and basic quality, not innovative. For example almost all sections under Clipper category are pre-1990 dated.

A strong knowledge is more important than a spectacular appearance.

I like this  famous quote of JFK

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. 

I want to say :

Ask not what your community can do for you, ask what you can do for your community.

or more general :

Ask not what your code can do for you, ask what your code can do for everyone.

This isn’t my own language and I’m not an expert. Please don’t  forgive my faults; feel free to leave a comment here or  to send comment, critics, suggestions, corrections etc about anything you find here:

vivaclipper  .OR.  esgici <at> gmail

Happy Clipper’ing    :)

5 responses to “Who is admin ?

  1. Hi,
    Many thanks for your prompt response.
    I have already searched in hmgforum for MDX or DBFMDX RDD, but no results.
    As mentioned in my comment, I sent email by clicking on register with two username choices, but haven’t received any response even after two days.
    I would greatly appreciate your help in getting registered as user in hmgforum and also where I can find the DBFMDX RDD driver compatible with HMG 3.4.3.
    Thanks once again,

  2. Hi Sam

    Welcome my humble blog

    1. Probably you can find required external files on HMG Forum:
    2. You can become a user in HMG from:
    1. Select “Register” on main page menu bar
    2. Send an email to hmgforum@gmail com along with your desired user name

    That is all.

    If after tried this way got unsuccessful result pleas e-mail me again.

    Viva Clipper, viva Harbour, viva HMG 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Greetings. I am writing to you because I am unable to get into hmgforum.

    I have used Clipper 5.2e quite a bit and still using some of my apps in a 32bit computer. Last year, I had installed HMG 3.4.3 on a Windows 10 64-bit notebook. Recently, I tried creating an application which uses dBase IV files with MDX indexes . It seems there is no native support for DBFMDX RDD in HMG and that I need this MDX lib in .a file lib format. I searched hmgforum, your website, cch4clipper.blogspot.com, Harbour, SO, etc. extensively but could get any answer as to where I can find .a MDX lib or if & how I can convert the Clipper 5.2e DBFMDX.LIB.

    My request for registration as a use via email and on the hmgforum contact us has not evoked any response. I am unable to find any direct email ids of those involved in the forum or HMG.

    Can you please guide me:
    1) where I can find the DBFMDX RDD compatible with HMG 3.4.3 ?
    2) how can I become a user in hmgforum as there is no response to my email and web requests ?

    Hoping to hear from you via email.


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