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Using ProgressBar as a graph


 Pop up a simple calculator






      NIL .... but optionally places Total of calculation in active
               Get variable using oGet:VARPUT()


      PopAdder() gives you an adding machine inside your Clipper 5.01
      application. It has the basic functions add, subtract, multiply,
      and divide. You may move it from one side of the screen to the
      other. It even displays a scrollable tape, if you want it.

      The Help screen below gives a brief description of the operation
      of the adder.

                  +------- INSTRUCTIONS -------+
                  |                            |
                  | All number keys as usual   |
                  | <+> <-> keys as usual      |
                  | <SPACE>---shift <+> to <*> |
                  |         +-shift <-> to </> |
                  |  <D>    change decimal pt. |
                  |  <M>    move ADDER         |
                  |  <T>    display tape       |
                  |  <S>    scroll tape disp.  |
                  | <DEL>-----1st Clear entry  |
                  |         +-2nd Clear ADDER  |
                  | <ESC>   to Quit            |
                  | <F10>   to Return Total    |
                  |           to program       |
                  |                            |
                  +---- Any Key to Continue ---+

      A couple of notes about the adder:

      1.) It was designed to be used on an Enhanced keyboard with
          separate <DELETE> key. <DELETE> is used to clear the adder.
          However, it will still work on a Standard keyboard.

      2.) It uses the <SPACE> bar to shift from Add/Subtract
          mode to Multiply/Divide. That means the <+> and <-> keys
          become the <*> and </> keys.

      3.) You do not have to display the tape. You may turn it on
          at any time by pressing <T>. You may SCROLL back through
          the tape once there are more than 16 entries in the
          adder, by pressing <S>.

      4.) To Quit the Adder just press <ESC>. To return your Total
          to the application press <F10>. The adder will place the
          Total in the active GET variable using oGet:VarPut(). The
          adder will only return a Total to a numerical GET!

      5.) There are many support functions that you might find
          interesting. They are part of my personal library, but
          are necessary to the operation of the adder.
          You might want to pull these out to reduce the overall
          size of the adder. Many are worth at least a little
          time studying.

      6.) To make FT_Adder a Hot key from inside your application
          at the beginning of your application add the line:

                 SET KEY K_ALT_A  TO FT_Adder

          This will make <ALT-A> a key "Hot" and permit you to
          Pop - Up the adder from anywhere in the application.

      7.) If you use FT_SINKEY(), you can even have active hotkeys
          in an INKEY().




 Author: Keith A. Wire