How I can print

How I can use printer under Windows ?

NOTE : Before printing you may look at converting DOS characters to Windows.

Printing is one of master necessities of business programming; reports, lists, payrolls, bills, etc.

In oldy – goldy DOS days everything was easy, because everything was simple.

While Windows bring up tons of innovations and possibilities to our life, naturally bring also tons of complexities so difficulties.

Printer usage is one of most important. In DOS, like every system resource, printers too was completely under our control. We could anything possible to OUR printers: print anything in any format ( bold, compressed, emphasized, etc) on anywhere of the paper, page eject, move print head forward ( even backward) etc.

In Windows there isn’t a single machine, single user, single printer. Main philosophy of Windows is “Network everywhere“. Whatever your system configuration is, Window treat it as “Network”. Although we cannot disclaim benefits of this approach, printer issue become problematic to us.

Now, Windows says : “there isn’t YOUR printer, all printers ( even exist only one ) are network printers. If you have something to print, you can’t send it directly to printer; ask me and wait for I’ll do something for you.”

Since we can’t rollback the time (and this isn’t necessary); only way for us is : playing game depending its rules. On printing, we should learn and utilize printing ways of Windows.

Here I would talk about possibilities, ways and opportunities of printing.

Obsolete Ways 

Send to file 

Print File

GUI ways

HMG Print ( Mini Print ) for beginners in 10 easy steps

Print a plain text file by HMG Print – 1