FT Conversion

 FT_BYT2BIT()     Convert byte to string of 1's and 0's
 FT_BYT2HEX()     Convert byte to hexadecimal version of its binary value
 FT_D2E()         Convert decimal to scientific notation
 FT_DEC2BIN()     Convert decimal to binary
 FT_E2D()         Convert scientific notation string to a decimal
 FT_ESCCODE()     Convert Lotus style escape codes
 FT_HEX2DEC()     Convert a hex number to decimal
 FT_INVCLR()      Get the inverse of a color
 FT_NTOW()        Translate numeric value to words
 FT_SQZN()        Compress a numeric value into a character string
 FT_STOD()        Convert a date string to a Clipper date data type
 FT_UNSQZN()      Uncompress a numeric compressed by FT_SQZN()
 FT_XTOY()        Convert from any data type to any other data type


 Convert Lotus style escape codes


      FT_ESCCODE( <cASCII> )  -> <cPrinterFormat>


     <cASCII> is the ASCII representation of the printer control
                codes in Lotus 123 format (e.g. "27E" for Chr(27)+"E")

                "\nnn" will be converted to Chr(nnn)
                "\\" will be converted to "\"


     The binary version of an ASCII coded printer setup string.


     This function is useful for allowing the user to enter printer
     control codes in Lotus-style ASCII format, and then having
     this function convert that code to the format that the printer
     needs to receive.


     cSetup = "15"          // default = Epson compressed print
     UserInput( @cSetup )     // Let user modify setup code
     SET DEVICE TO PRINT      // get ready to print
     ?? FT_ESCCODE( cSetup )  // Output the converted code


 Author: Steven Tyrakowski