S. Rathinagiri

Contributed HMG Samples / Applications by S. Rathinagiri

AES File Encryption
Grid aChoice
Arrays to CSV
EAN-8 Barcode generator
Change menu items
Combo Search Grid
ComboSearchBox + AutoFill
Graphics OpenGL
Incr. search in GRID
Grid 2 CSV
Grid – Column AutoFit
Grid – Column Width
Grid Sample
Grid to xxx : ( probably superseded by HFCL\Gridxxx )
Grid Tool Bar
HMG_HPDF : ( too many samples; superseded by HFCL\HMG_PDF )
HMG_HPDF with pdf417
dbf 2 mysql
dbf 2 sqlite
Interest(ing) Calc. 3.0.
(HMG SCript ) Interest(ing) Calc. (Web)
Show Text
Test Ole
XBRLiant (development stopped by author :( )
Xtract – DataCube

HMG 3.0.46 Released

File Name: HMG.3.0.46.exe
File Size: 38.91 MB
Date: 06. November 2012

Update to latest Harbour Nightly Build (18443 2012-11-05)


– Print Barcode sample. See samples/printean13 folder for details. (Contributed by Marek Olszewski)
– Desktop Make Shortcut for file/dir and URLs in HFCL. See sample at hfcl/samples/makeshortcut folder. (Contributed by B.P Dave and Esgici)
– buildalllib.bat in the base directory to build all the libraries including hmg, hfcl, hmgsqlbridges, crypt, edit, editex, ini, graph, report etc with a single call.
– Included hbvpdf library in HMG library folder. This library is required to compile all the samples in samples/report.advanced folders.

– Update

– Bos Taurus Graphics library 1.01. Author Claudio Soto had modified the source files to make it compatible for HFCL. (Thanks to Claudio Soto)
– Updated BT_BitmapLoadFile() fuction, now load images in the formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF and PNG.
– Added Functions:
– BT_BitmapInvert
– BT_BitmapContrast
– BT_BitmapModifyColor
– BT_BitmapGammaCorrect
– BT_BitmapConvolutionFilter3x3
– Updated BosTaurus-FunctionsReferenceGuide.PDF with changes made.
– Added Demo10
– HMG_HPDF Library in HFCL. Now the image command accepts both jpg and png file formats from either file or resource location. (Contributed by Claudio Soto)

– Fix

– Number of warnings while compiling the HMG library is now reduced to only six. Great thanks to Claudio Soto.
– Hardcoded Path name references in batch files. Now HMG can be installed any path (having no spaces).