SP Changing SuperLib

 If you wish to change the source code to certain
 SUPER.Lib modules and replace them in the SUPER.LIB file,
 you will need access to a library manager.

 The most popular and accessible is LIB.EXE, from
 Microsoft, which comes with many Microsoft compilers.
 You will need version 3.11 or above of LIB.EXE.

 To update the library, do the following:

   1. Change and test the .PRG, .C  or .ASM module.

      for Clipper (PRG) modules, I use:

          CLIPPER <file>  -n  -w

      for  C  (C) modules, I use:  (MSC 5.0)

          CL /c  /AL  /Zl  /Oalt /FPa  /Gs  /Fo<file>.obj <file>.c

      for Assembly (ASM) modules, I use: (MASM 5.10)

          MASM   <file>;

   2. After testing, use the following to replace the module in
      the library with the new .OBJ file:

            LIB SUP??? -+<objectfilename> ;


            LIB SUP???  -+<objectfilename1>+<objectfilename2>;

 The semicolon is important.

 Further documentation will be found in the LIB.EXE
 reference manual.