C5DG-3 RDD Reference

Clipper 5.x – Drivers Guide

Chapter 3

RDD Reference


APPEND FROM     Import records from a (.dbf) or ASCII file                  
COPY TO         Export records to a new (.dbf) or ASCII file                
DBAPPEND()      Append a new record to the database in the current work area
DBGOTO()        Position record pointer to a specific identity              
DBRLOCK()       Lock the record at the current or specified identity        
DBRLOCKLIST()   Return an array of the current Lock List                    
DBRUNLOCK()     Release all or specified record locks                       
DBSETINDEX()*   Empty Orders from an Order Bag into the Order List          
DELETE TAG      Delete a Tag                                                
GO              Move the pointer to the specified identity                  
INDEX           Create an index file                                        
ORDBAGEXT()     Return the default Order Bag RDD extension                  
ORDBAGNAME()    Return the Order Bag name of a specific Order               
ORDCREATE()     Create an Order in an Order Bag                             
ORDDESTROY()    Remove a specified Order from an Order Bag                  
ORDFOR()        Return the FOR expression of an Order                       
ORDKEY()        Return the key expression of an Order                       
ORDLISTADD()    Add Orders to the Order List                                
ORDLISTCLEAR()  Clear the current Order List                                
ORDLISTREBUI()  Rebuild all Orders in Order List of the current work area   
ORDNAME()       Return the name of an Order in the Order List               
ORDNUMBER()     Return the position of an Order in the current Order List   
ORDSETFOCUS()   Set focus to an Order in an Order List                      
RDDLIST()       Return an array of available Replaceable Database Drivers   
RDDNAME()       Return name of RDD active in current or specified work area 
RDDSETDEFAULT() Set or return the default RDD for the application           
RECNO()         Return the identity at the position of the record pointer   
SEEK            Search an Order for a specified key value                   
SET INDEX       Open one or more Order Bags in the current work area        
SET ORDER       Select the controlling Order