SP Printer Issues

 This is how printing is handled by the library
 functions. You need not follow this method except where it is
 imbedded in SuperLib metafunctions.

 The function SLS_PRN() is a SET/RETRIEVE function
 which sets and retrieves the default printer port as a string
 with the default as "LPT1". This function may be called with any
 valid printer port name as a parameter to set a new printer port
 for SuperLib usage.

 Valid values are "LPT1", "LPT2", "LPT3", "COM1",
 "COM2" - anything you could issue a SET PRINTER TO
 <cPort> with.

 Another SET/RETRIEVE function - SLS_PRNC() - points
 to the setting which determines if the printer port will be
 checked for readiness before printing. Passing it a False causes
 it to not check the printer before printing - handy in some
 network situations.

 At print time, LPT* ports are checked for readiness
 via the P_READY() function. (COM ports are not checked for
 readiness.) However, if SLS_PRNC() has been passed a .f., no
 check for readiness is done.

 P_READY() uses the .ASM function ISPRN() to check for

 If the port is not ready, the user is given
 the option to:       Try Again
                      Ignore the Warning
                      Select a Different Printer Port
                      Abort the print request

 If Abort is selected, P_READY() returns false.


SP Popup Functions

 TAGMARRAY()    Tag elements in muti-dimensioned array
 STAGFIELDS()   Tag fields
 UNBOX()        Removes a box created by makebox()
 SPOPORDER()    Popup allows user to change viewing (index) order
 SPOPSEEK()     Popup seek based on present index keys
 VIEWMEMOS()    Popup viewing (non-edit mode) of memos
 VERTVIEW()     Pops up a vertical view of the current record
 TAGARRAY()     Tag selected elements of an array
 SGETMANY()     Virtual (scrolling) gets in a popup box
 AMSG()         Pop up message box for an array of messages
 POPUPDIR()     Popup of a given directory for file selection
 POPREAD()      Pops up a box with 1-5 say-get combinations
 POPVDATE()     Pops up a picklist of virtual dates
 POPEX()        Pops up an achoice for a certain filespec
 POPMONTH()     Popup month selection
 POPCOLSEL()    Popup color grid for selecting a single color
 PROGINDEX()    Perform an index with a progress box
 PROGEVAL()     Perform a Database DBEVAL() with a progress box
 POPVYEAR()     Pops up a picklist of virtual years
 PROGCOUNT()    Perform a count with a progress box
 PROGDISP()     Displays progress bar in box created with PROGON()
 PROGOFF()      Removes a progress bar box created by PROGON()
 MESSYN()       Popup YesNo prompt box
 MCHOICE()      Creates a box for an Achoice call
 MFIELDS()      Pops up an selection box for current dbf fields
 GETDATE()      Point and shoot calendar
 MAKEBOX()      Draws a box on the screen with optional shadow,
                returns saved screen
 PLSWAIT()      Pops up a 'Please Wait' window or removes it
 ONE_READ()     Pop-up window with 1-4 Say/Get combinations
 MULTMSGYN()    Multi-line popup message - yes -no
 MFIELDSTYPE()  Pops up a list of fields of given type(s)
 MSG()          Displays up to a 9 line message in a window
 HARDCOPY()     Prints current record or memo fields to printer
 EDITMEMO()     Performs a windowed memoedit() on a memo field
 ASCIITABLE()   Pops up an ASCII table for character selection
 DELREC()       Dialog box to delete/undelete current record
 EDITMEMOV()    Performs a windowed memoedit() on a string
 BROWSE2D()     Popup tbrowse of 2 dimension array (array of arrays)
 SBUNSHADOW()   Removes shadow drawn with SBSHADOW()
 ABORT()        Pops up dialog box asking: Abort  Don't Abort
 SBSHADOW()     Draw a shadow around a box
 PROGON()       Initialize and display a progress bar box
 QUIKREPORT()   Runtime pre-defined report printing module
 P_READY()      Determines if printer is ready, prompts user
 SACHOICE()     Achoice replacement, uses TBROWSE, accepts exception
 S1LABEL()      Prints a single label
 GETCALC()      Pops up a quick 'solar' calculator




  P_READY() Determines if printer is ready, prompts user

  <lReady> => True if printer is ready


  Checks for printer ready, and prompts user to ready
  the printer until it is ready, or until user presses escape to
  abort printing.

  P_READY() first looks at SLS_PRNC(), and if the
  value is .f., does no printer check and returns .t.

  [cPort] - LPT1 LPT2 LPT3
  Default is LPT1

   if P_READY("LPT2")

  To stop P_READY() from checking the printer port (as
  it is imbedded in many SuperLib functions), call SLS_PRNC() with
  False. This turns printer checking off. (i.e. on a network)


See also : P_RDYDELAY(), P_READY(), SLS_PRNC()





  P_RDYDELAY() Sets/returns p_ready() 'seconds' variable

  <nSeconds> => p_ready() seconds variable


  P_READY() tries for 5 seconds by default to check the printer
  for readiness. This function retrieves/sets the variable that
  controls the # of seconds to try for.