SP Internal Datafiles

 SuperLib uses a number of internal datafiles to store

 such things as queries, reports and colors.

 All of these files have default names - for instance
 queries are stored in QUERIES.DBF by default. SuperLib 3.x
 provides a series of functions to determine internal file names
 and locations.

 All of these functions start with SLSF_ (Super Lib System File )

 Function                 Purpose                Default

 SLSF_REPORT([cNew])      Stored reports         SFREPORT
 SLSF_QUERY([cNew])       Stored queries         QUERIES
 SLSF_FORM([cNew])        FORMLETR() forms       FORM
 SLSF_HELP([cNew])        Help records           HELP
 SLSF_LIST([cNew])        LISTER() definitions   PLIST
 SLSF_SCROLL([cNew])      Lookup definitions     SCROLLER
 SLSF_COLOR([cNew])       Color sets             COLORS
 SLSF_TODO([cNew])        TODOLIST() dbf         TODO
 SLSF_TDN1([cNew])        TODOLIST 1st index     TODO
 SLSF_TDN2([cNew])        TODOLIST 2nd  index    TODOP
 SLSF_TDN3([cNew])        TODOLIST 3rd  index    TODOD
 SLSF_APPT([cNew])        Appointments           APPOINT
 SLSF_LABEL([cNew])       Labels database        CLABELS
 SLSF_OLD([cNew])         O.L.D. doc database    SLOLDS

 Where [cNew] optionally sets the path and/or filename.
 If [cNew] is passed, this is the value returned as

 For example, to change the default file and place
 where reports are stored when using REPORTER(),

              // sets the report file
              // to MYREPORT.DBF in
              // c:\HIDDEN

 These take the place of the following public
 variables in earlier versions of SuperLib:

     _REPORTS   = "SFREPORT"   (for reports)
     _FORMS     = "FORM"       (for form letters)
     _QUERIES   = "QUERIES"    (for queries)
     _LISTER    = "PLIST"      (for lister)
     _TODODBF   = "TODO"       (for todo list)
     _TODONTX1  = "TODO"       (TODO category INDEX)
     _TODONTX2  = "TODOP"      (TODO priority INDEX)
     _TODONTX3  = "TODOD"      (TODO do by INDEX)
     _HELP      = "HELP"       (for help)
     _SCROLLER  = "SCROLLER"   (for scroller)
     _COLORS    = "COLORS"     (for colors)

 COLORS are now stored in a DBF file, rather than a
 .MEM file.




 SLSF_LABEL() Sets and retrieves the file name and path for the
 CLABEL() label files

 <cFileSpec>  => File path and name less extension



 [cNew] optionally sets the path and/or filename.

 If [cNew] is passed, this is the value returned as

  USE (slsf_label() )                    // open the file

  SLSF_LABEL("c:\hidden\XYZ123")         // sets the filespec
                                          // to XYZ123.DBF in
                                          // c:\HIDDEN

 Source: S_PATHS.PRG