SP Internal Datafile Structures


  SMODULE        C       8    Calling Proc
  SFIELD         C       10   Calling variable
  SDESCR         C       25   Description/box title
  SSTRING        C       160  Display expression
  SRETURN        C       75   Return expression
  SDBFILE        C       8    DBF file
  SIND           C       8    Index file


  H_MOD          C       10   Calling Proc
  H_VAR          C       10   Calling variable
  H_MEMO         M       10   Help text
  HW_T           N       2    Window top
  HW_L           N       2    Window Left
  HW_B           N       2    Window Bottom
  HW_R           N       2    Window right


  DESC           C      45    Description of list
  LIST           C      200   Delimited string of list


  DESCRIPT       C       50   Description of the form
  MEMO_ORIG      M       10   Form letter


  CATEGORY       C       10   Category of item
  ITEM           C       60   Item description
  PRIORITY       C       2    Priority of item
  DOBY           D       8    Do by date
  DONE           L       1    Done marker
  LONG_DESC      C       231  Long description


  DBF            C      12    DBF query built for
  DES            C      30    Description of query
  FQUERY         C      220   Query expression


  SF_DBF         C   8    Dbf name
  SF_NDXKEY      C   60   Sort key(index)
  SF_MAJKEY      C   60   Major sort key
  SF_MINKEY      C   60   Minor sort key
  SF_TITLE       C   35   Report name
  SF_MAJTEXT     C   25   Major key text
  SF_MINTEXT     C   25   Minor key text
  SF_WIDTH       N   3    Pg width chrs
  SF_LENGTH      N   3    Pg length lines
  SF_LEFTM       N   2    Left margin
  SF_TOPM        N   2    Top margin
  SF_SPACE       N   1    Line spacing
  SF_PAUSE       L   1    Pause between
  SF_NPLINES     N   1    Lines left
  SF_EJB4        L   1    Eject b4 report
  SF_EJAFT       L   1    Eject aftreport
  SF_EJMAJOR     L   1    Eject on Major
  SF_EJMINOR     L   1    Eject on Minor
  SF_EJGRAND     L   1    Eject b4 Grand
  SF_UNTOTAL     L   1    Underline ttals
  SF_MAJCHR      C   1    Major underline char
  SF_MINCHR      C   1    Minor underline char
  SF_NHEAD       N   1    # header lines
  SF_NFOOT       N   1    # footer lines
  SF_NTITL       N   1    # title lines
  SF_TSEP        C   1    Title separation char
  SF_COLSEP      C   1    Col sep char
  SF_CSEPWID     N   1    Col sep width
  SF_LINESEP     C   1    Line sep char
  SF_NCOLS       N   2    # columns
  SF_FEET        M   10   Footer contents
  SF_HEADS       M   10   Header contents
  SF_STDHEAD     L   1    Use standard header
  SF_DETAILS     M   10   Detail contents
  SF_QUERY       C   100  Last used query
  SF_FULLSUM     C   1    Full / summary
  SF_PRNCODE     C   50   Printer code pre-report
  SF_AFTCODE     C   50   Printer code post-report


  DESCRIPT       C   60      Description
  WIDTH          N   2       Label width
  SPACESBETW     N   2       Spaces between labels
  LINESBETW      N   2       Lines between labels
  ACROSS         N   2       Labels across
  LMARGIN        N   2       Left margin
  HEIGHT         N   2       Label height (lines)
  SETUPCODE      C   60      Pre print setup code
  EXITCODE       C   60      Post print code
  CONTENTS       M   10      Label contents
  PRNPORT        C   10      Printer port
  SHEETS         L   1       Using hand-fed sheets?
  LBLSPAGE       N   3       Labels per page
  TOPMARG        N   2       Top margin (lines)
  PAUSE          L   1       Pause between pages
  EJECT          L   1       Eject each page
  DBFNAME        C   8       DBF name

  SETNAME        C  40    Set name
  DMAINCOL       C  40    SLS_NORMCOL() setting
  DMAINMENU      C  40    SLS_NORMMENU() setting
  DPOPCOL        C  40    SLS_POPCOL() setting
  DPOPMENU       C  40    SLS_POPMENU() setting
  DFRAME         C  40    SLS_FRAME() setting
  DSHADATT       N   3    SLS_SHADATT() setting
  DSHADPOS       N   1    SLS_SHADPOS() setting
  DEXPLODE       L   1    SLS_XPLODE()  setting


  DATE           C   8   Appointment date
  TIME           C   5   Appointment time
  DESC           C  65   Description



  TOPIC C 35