SP Popup Functions

 TAGMARRAY()    Tag elements in muti-dimensioned array
 STAGFIELDS()   Tag fields
 UNBOX()        Removes a box created by makebox()
 SPOPORDER()    Popup allows user to change viewing (index) order
 SPOPSEEK()     Popup seek based on present index keys
 VIEWMEMOS()    Popup viewing (non-edit mode) of memos
 VERTVIEW()     Pops up a vertical view of the current record
 TAGARRAY()     Tag selected elements of an array
 SGETMANY()     Virtual (scrolling) gets in a popup box
 AMSG()         Pop up message box for an array of messages
 POPUPDIR()     Popup of a given directory for file selection
 POPREAD()      Pops up a box with 1-5 say-get combinations
 POPVDATE()     Pops up a picklist of virtual dates
 POPEX()        Pops up an achoice for a certain filespec
 POPMONTH()     Popup month selection
 POPCOLSEL()    Popup color grid for selecting a single color
 PROGINDEX()    Perform an index with a progress box
 PROGEVAL()     Perform a Database DBEVAL() with a progress box
 POPVYEAR()     Pops up a picklist of virtual years
 PROGCOUNT()    Perform a count with a progress box
 PROGDISP()     Displays progress bar in box created with PROGON()
 PROGOFF()      Removes a progress bar box created by PROGON()
 MESSYN()       Popup YesNo prompt box
 MCHOICE()      Creates a box for an Achoice call
 MFIELDS()      Pops up an selection box for current dbf fields
 GETDATE()      Point and shoot calendar
 MAKEBOX()      Draws a box on the screen with optional shadow,
                returns saved screen
 PLSWAIT()      Pops up a 'Please Wait' window or removes it
 ONE_READ()     Pop-up window with 1-4 Say/Get combinations
 MULTMSGYN()    Multi-line popup message - yes -no
 MFIELDSTYPE()  Pops up a list of fields of given type(s)
 MSG()          Displays up to a 9 line message in a window
 HARDCOPY()     Prints current record or memo fields to printer
 EDITMEMO()     Performs a windowed memoedit() on a memo field
 ASCIITABLE()   Pops up an ASCII table for character selection
 DELREC()       Dialog box to delete/undelete current record
 EDITMEMOV()    Performs a windowed memoedit() on a string
 BROWSE2D()     Popup tbrowse of 2 dimension array (array of arrays)
 SBUNSHADOW()   Removes shadow drawn with SBSHADOW()
 ABORT()        Pops up dialog box asking: Abort  Don't Abort
 SBSHADOW()     Draw a shadow around a box
 PROGON()       Initialize and display a progress bar box
 QUIKREPORT()   Runtime pre-defined report printing module
 P_READY()      Determines if printer is ready, prompts user
 SACHOICE()     Achoice replacement, uses TBROWSE, accepts exception
 S1LABEL()      Prints a single label
 GETCALC()      Pops up a quick 'solar' calculator




  UNBOX() Removes a box created by makebox()


  Unbox([cMakeBox],[nTop,nLeft,nBottom,nRight],[expRestScreen] )

  UNBOX restores the screen <cMakeBox> saved by
  MAKEBOX(). MAKEBOX() stores the dimensions and color in the
  returned string, so it is not necessary to pass these to
  UNBOX(). If the dimensions are passed, UNBOX() assumes these are
  not part of the saved string, and assumes the string is a
  savescreen() string. If the string and any other single param
  are passed, UNBOX() assumes it is a full screen (0,0,24,79)
  restore and does so.

  [nTop,nLeft,nBottom,nRight] - the dimensions of the box.

  Use these to UNBOX() a screen saved with SAVESCREEN().

  [bcRestScreen] This is a block which can override the
  default screen restore mechanism. If passed, this screen restore
  is used instead of the default. To set back to default, pass
  this parameter as an empty string "". If passing this parameter,
  pass all other parameters as NIL. What this does, basically, is
  set up a static variable which holds the screen restore block.
  Default is {|t,l,b,r,s|restscreen(t,l,b,r,s)} or if sls_xplode()
  is (.t.), {|t,l,b,r,s|bxx_imbox(t,l,b,r,s)} (an internal
  function within S_UNBOX.PRG) .

   cMsgBox := MAKEBOX(10,40,12,60,'W/R,+GR/R')

   @11,42 SAY "What's up, Doc ?"



   // to set up the alternate screen restore method:
  unbox(nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,{|t,l,b,r,s| ss_fade(t,l,b,r,s)})
  unbox(nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,{|t,l,b,r,s| ss_fall(t,l,b,r,s,100)} )

   // to set screen restore back to the default





  MAKEBOX() Draws a box on the screen and returns saved screen

  <cScreen> => string containing underlying screen &


  Draws a box at screen coordinates <nTop..nRight> and
  returns a string containing the underlying screen and previous color.
  Box will explode or not based on the setting of SLS_XPLODE().

  Default color is setcolor(). Default shadow position
  is the setting in SLS_SHADPOS(). These may be passed as
  options . Shadow position [nShadowPos] has allowable values of
  (1,3,7,9,0) to match the corner positions on the numeric keypad.
  0 is no shadow. [cColor] is a valid color string or variable.


   cBox := MAKEBOX(5,5,10,10)
   //draws a box at 5,5,10,10. Color is SETCOLOR().
   //shadow position is based on SLS_SHADPOS().

   cBox: = MAKEBOX(5,5,10,10,SLS_POPCOL())
   //draws a box at 5,5,10,10. Color is SLS_POPCOL().
   //shadow position is based on SLS_SHADPOS().

   cBox: = MAKEBOX(5,5,10,10,SLS_POPCOL(),9)
   //draws a box at 5,5,10,10. Color is SLS_POPCOL().
   //shadow position is 9 (upper right hand corner)

  Use only UNBOX() to remove screens stored with

  UNBOX() removes the box and restores the underlying
  screen and prior colors.

  The shadow will not be drawn if it would go off the
  edge of the screen.