Improvements in Message functions

With HMG 3.1.3 release, (2013/06/16), all Msgxxx funstions (MsgBox, MsgExclamation, MsgInfo, MsgOkCancel, MsgRetryCancel, MsgStop, MsgYesNo) accept all type of data ( even in title ( except array ); not only characters, even others, including arrays 😮

( MsgMulti() has been replaced 😦 )

Now, we have a new ( and higly useful ) msg function MsgDebug() with an extra feature: this function accept “elastic” count of paramaters 😮

And another very handy debug function : ListCalledFunctions()

( WhereIsIt() has been replaced 😦 )

This little sample will try demonstrate these important ( at least for me 😉 ) enhancement in HMG.

Please don’t take wrong; absolutely I’m not sad by replaced my functions; on the contrary I’m very happy. Because of first, all advance in HMG make me happy; and second these new functions are definetely better than mines. And third, system functions are always better (both in speed and safety) than UDFs.


Viva HMG, viva Dr. Soto 😀