Harbour Preprocessor 3.2.0dev
Copyright (c) 1999-2013, http://harbour-project.org/
 Syntax:  c:\harbour\bin\hbpp <file[.prg]> [options]
 Options:  -d<id>[=<val>]        #define <id>
          -e[<func>]            use <func> as entry function in generated .c
          -i<path>              add #include file search path
          -u[<file>]            use command def set in <file> (or none)
          -c[<file>]            look for ChangeLog file
          -o<file>              creates .c file with PP rules
          -v<file>              creates .h file with version information
          -w                    write preprocessed (.ppo) file
          -q[012]               disable information messages

Note:  if neither -o nor -v is specified then -w is default action

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