FT Menus – Prompts

 A_CHOICE()       Psuedo function to simplify FT_ACH2TB()
 FT_ACH2TB()      Replace ACHOICE() with a Tbrowse object & multiple features.
 FT_ADDER()       Pop up a simple calculator
 FT_BLINK()       Display a blinking message on the screen
 FT_BRWSWHL()     Browse an indexed database limited to a while condition
 FT_CLRSEL()      User Selectable Colour Routine
 FT_DISPMSG()     Display a message and optionally waits for a keypress
 FT_FILL()        Declare menu options for FT_MENU1()
 FT_MENU1()       Pulldown menu system
 FT_MENU2()       Vertical lightbar menu
 FT_MENUTO()      Execute light bar menu using prompts created with @...PROMPT
 FT_PENDING()     Display same-line pending messages after a wait.
 FT_PICKDAY()     Picklist of days of week
 FT_PROMPT()      Define a menu item for use with FT_MenuTo()
 FT_SLEEP()       Wait for a specified amount of time
 FT_XBOX()        Display a self-sizing message box and message

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