Return the text file’s contents as a character string


      HB_MEMOREAD( <cFileName> ) --> cString


<cFileName> is the filename to read from disk. It must include the file extension. If file to be read lives in another directory, you must include the path.


Returns the contents of a text file as a character string.

If <cFileName> cannot be found or read HB_MEMOREAD returns an empty string (“”).


HB_MEMOREAD() is a function that reads the content of a text file (till now) from disk (floppy, HD, CD-ROM, etc.) into a memory string. In that way you can manipulate as any character string or assigned to a memo field to be saved in a database.

HB_MEMOREAD() function is used together with MEMOEDIT() and HB_MEMOWRIT() to get from disk text from several sources that would be edited, searched, replaced, displayed, etc.

It is used to import data from other sources to our database.

Note: HB_MEMOREAD() does not use the settings SET DEFAULT or SET PATH to search for <cFileName>. It searches for <cFileName> in the current directory. If the file is not found, then HB_MEMOREAD() searches in the DOS path.

Over a network, HB_MEMOREAD() attempts to open <cFileName> in read-only mode and shared. If the file is used in mode exclusive by another process, the function will returns a null string (“”).

HB_MEMOREAD() vs MEMOREAD(): HB_MEMOREAD() is identical to MEMOREAD() except it won’t truncate the last byte (on non-UNIX compatible systems) if it’s a EOF char.


      *  This example uses HB_MEMOREAD() to assign the contents of a text
      *  file to a character variable for later search

         cFile   := "account.prg"
         cString := HB_MEMOREAD( cFile )
         cCopyright := "Melina"

         IF At( "Melina", cString ) == 0               // check for copyright
            HB_MEMOWRIT( cFile, cCopyright + cString ) // if not, add it!




All (64K)


Library is rtl



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