Opens a work area and uses a database file.


      DBUSEAREA( [<lNewArea>], [<cDriver>], <cName>, [<xcAlias>],
      [<lShared>], [<lReadonly>])


<lNewArea> A optional logical expression for the new work area

<cDriver> Database driver name

<cName> File Name

<xcAlias> Alias name

<lShared> Shared/exclusive status flag

<lReadonly> Read-write status flag.


This function opens an existing database named <cName> in the current work area. If <lNewArea> is set to a logical true (.T.) value, then the database <cName> will be opened in the next available and unused work area. The default value of <lNewArea> is a logical false (.F.). If used, <cDriver> is the name of the database driver associated with the file <cName> that is opened. The default for this will be the value of DBSETDRlVER().

IF used, <xcAlias> contains the alias name for that work area, If not specified, the root name of the database specified in <cName> will be used.

If <lShared> is set to a logical true (.T.) value, the database that is specified in <cName> will be opened by the user EXCLUSIVELY. Thus locking it from all other nodes or users on the network. If <lShared> is set to a logical false (.F.) value, then the database will be in SHARED mode. If <lShared> is not passed, then the function will turn to the internal setting of SET EXCLUSIVE to determine a setting.

If <lReadOnly> is specified, the file will be set to READ ONLY mode. If it is not specified, the file will he opened in normal read-write mode.


      DBUSEAREA( .T.,, "tests" )




Library is rdd



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