Determines the number of days in a month


       LastDayOM([<dDate|nMonth>]) --> nDaysInMonth


<dDate|nMonth> Designates either a date or the number of a month.The default is the system date.


LastDayOM() returns the number of days in the month specified by <dDate|nMonth>.


<dDate|nMonth> can be a date or a month number. If empty uses the system date. If nMonth is a 2, lastdayom() will not know if it is a leap year or not. If dDate is invalid, returns 0 To administer due dates and other similar dates, it is useful to know the number of days that remain in a month. Specify either the day’s date or month as a parameter, and you get the length of the month in days. If you subtract the number of days until today’s date, you are left with the days that remain until month end.


. Without the <dDate|nMonth> parameter, the function automatically uses the system date. If there is an invalid number of months, LastDayOM() returns 0 as an error code.


       How many days remain before the end of the month?
           ? DATE(), LastDayOM()
           ? "There are " + STR(LastDayOM() - DAY( DATE() ), 2) +;
              " days until the end of the month"


LastDayOM() is compatible with CT3’s LastDayOM().




Source is dattime2.prg, library is libct.



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