Uncompress a numeric compressed by FT_SQZN()


      FT_UNSQZN( <cCompressed>, <nSize> [, <nDecimals> ] ) -> nValue


     <cCompressed>  - Compressed string, obtained from FT_SQZN()

     <nSize>        - Size of numeric field

     <nDecimals>    - Optional number of decimal places


     nValue       - Uncompressed numeric value


    The FT_UNSQZN function returns the numeric value from the compressed
    string.  The compression is 50% the storage space of the original
    number.  The original number must have been compressed using the
    FT_SQZN() function.

    This function, along with FT_SQZN() can be used to reduce disk storage
    requirements for numeric fields in a database file.


    mcust_id := FT_UNSQZN(TRANS->cust_id,8),;
    mamount  := FT_UNSQZN(TRANS->amount,12,2)

 Source: SQZN.PRG

 Author: Joseph D. Booth, Sr.

See Also: FT_SQZN()

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